Unique Tornister Rotary Valve Trombone, Antique Austro-Hungary 1890-1917

Antique Tornister Rotary Valve Trombone - Austro-Hungary 1890 - 1917
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This is probably a small compact modell of Austro-Hungar marching trombone. It is difficult to estimate the age of this instrument. According to engraving and used technologies I suppose that it was manufactured in the late 19th century, or till year 1917.
The engraving in translation from Czech language means:
The Imperial & Royal Factory of Musical Instruments Josef Lidl Brno.
The Josef Lidl's factory was established in 1892 and always produced high quality musical instruments in a limited numbers. For this reason are instruments by Josef Lidl relatively rare and you will not see them often. High workmanship, limited series, custom production. It describes Josef Lidl's factory.

Mechanical condition
  • The instrument is (despite its age) in fully working condition.
  • All three rotary valves have free run and returning easily back to the position.
  • All slides and also main tuning slide are free and can be easily pulled out (get out). The surface of slides was cleaned.

Cosmetical condition
  • This trombone is very old, so you can expect dents, sratches and shabby places. On the other hand it looks still fine and shiny. Maybe you did not say, that the trombone is more than 100 years old.
  • On the bottom side of the bell are two larger dents. Pleas look at photos. This damage does not affect the playability of the instrument.
  • Lyre Holder screw is missing.

Playability and tone quality
I am Euphonium player and I tried It with small shank Denis Wick 4AL mouthpiece (4AY). The response is very easy, intonation is suprisingly great and the range is without problems.
The insrument does not require much air and playing it is like a ride in a sport car. It responds fast, plays easily and rotary valves provide fast action!
I suggest a bit small moutpihece than 4AL. You can try the attached antique mouthpiece, but It has very narrow backbore.

Technical specifications

Manufactured by:
Josef Lidl (Austria-Hungary)
.482 in / 12,25 mm
Bell diameter:
7.87 in / 20 cm
36.22 in / 92 cm (lenght)
Raw Brass
Not included.

+ It has history, historical value and soul
+ It is in playaing condition
+ Nice piece for collector
+ Rare and rising value