Trumpet in Bb by Johann Sattler - Vintage unique Top Action Rotary Valve system

Vintage Top Action Rotary Valve Trumpet Jazzmaster by Johann Sattler, Graslitz
This very rare vintage T.A.R.V. trumpet was made in thirties of the last century probably by Johann Sattler. Sattler's manufacture was situated in the heart of Sudetenland, in the city Graslitz.
The construction of this trumpet is very unusual. It is a combination of rotary valve instrument with the top control of pistons. It is called Top Action Rotary Valve mechanism. Globally there are only few pieces of this unique trumpets and most of them are part of museum collections.
These trumpets were popular thanks to fast run of valves and the possibility to hold the trumpet only with one hand. They were mainly used in jazz clubs and by soloist.

Mechanical condition
The trumpet was before this sale completely disassembled and corrected by a professional repairman. It was leached in acid solution and also cleaned ultrasonicaly. The trumpet is inside very clean now.
Valve caps can be unscrewed and there is nothing stuck. All three slides and also main tuning slide are free and can be easily pulled out. Rotary valves are working and returning back to position. On the main tuning slide is a water key. I add there a new cork and a new bail spring.
The instrument is in playable condition.

Cosmetical condition
The trumpet was a little bit overhauled. The original state was terrible. The surface is in a brushed raw brass with silver parts and inner bell. The surface of this musical instruments is almost free of big dents or sratches. There are only tiny dents, scratches and discolorations due to normall use. You can expect a state of normal wear and tear.

Sound and tuning
The instrumets reponds easier in comparison with piston instruments. 

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