Trumpet Bb Kühnl & Hoyer in silver finish with 24K gold accents

Kühnl & Hoyer is a traditional high quality german manufacturer since 1948. The company’s portfolio now spans a range of brass instruments, such as trumpets, cornets, flugelhorns, trombones, tenor horns and baritones, in addition to signal and hunting instruments. Every single instrument is produced in the plant in Markt Erlbach in Germany. They have their own development and high quality production. Kühnl & Hoyer collaborates with renowned musicians and music educators to develop and adapt new instruments to the requirements of clients. Their instruments have won many competetions in Germany and their brass musical instruments belong to the best in Europe! 
This trumpet is a vintage stunning piece from the sixties. It is in a shiny silver finish with 24K gold valve caps and slides. The inner of bell is in a gold painting / lacquer finish and fits the overall of uncommon appearance. The trumpet looks almost like a new and you will never tell, that is so old. On the surface is a few imperfections (tiny scratches, shabby places) due to age, but nothing substantial.

Visual impression corresponds with the mechanical condition. The instrument was completely disassembled by a professional repairman and cleaned ultrasonically. After cleanup and recovery has it not been played or used, you will be first. Valves are working smoothly and without chafing. Valve blocks are clear and require only routine maintenance by lubrication with a standard trumpet valve oil. All slides are free and can be pulled out. It just needs more strength to their full compression (the instrument is older, you know). Top and bottom caps are free. I add a new valve felts, new water key cork and spring. Finger buttons have a new center. The trumpet is immediately ready to play. I will ship with a hard case and gold trumpet mouthpiece Circe C4.The trumpet is in my opinion well made and in your hand you can feel weight and quality of used materials. After clink on the bell with your finger you hear nice sustain. It is not like a thin paper material of current cheap instruments from China. You can get although older but high quality instrument which holds the value.
  • Manufactured by: K&H Kühnl & Hoyer (Made in Germany)
  • Tuning: Bb
  • Bore: 11,50 mm / .455 in
  • Bell diameter: 11,50 cm / 4.528 in
  • Finish: Silver finish + 24K gold Valve Caps, Finger buttons and slides / Lacquer inner side of the bell
  • Case: Yes, it is included. Is in a good condition (leather or synthetic leather).
  • Mouthpiece: Yes, it is included. Circe C4 in a gold.
  • Pros:
  • Great german made playing instrument with a value and soul.
  • Unusual surface finish.
  • For its age great mechanical condition.