Rotary valve Euphonium / Tenorhorn / Bariton in Bb (German oval design)

Rotary Valve Euphonium / Bariton / Tenorhorn in Bb
(German oval style)
This Tenor Horn in Bb (sound like Euphonium) was made in famous traditional Czech factory Amati Kraslice. The factory has a long history, snce 1840. Also thanks to significant German influence nowadays continues to producing quality musical instruments. They are still manufacturing in Czech Republic, in cities Graslitz (Kraslice) and Königgratz (Hradec Kralove). 

Playability and tone quality
This instrument has dark full tone like british brass band Euphoniums. It has very conical construction, which provides more rounded sound. But in comparison with Euphoniums is it a little bit lighter and more easy to play. Rotary valves has fast action - you can use in also in German style Polka Bands. :)
Thanks to brand new floating leadpipe has this instrument fast response and easy artucilation.

Mechanical condition
  • The Tenor Horn looks almost like new and now is also in excellent playing condition.
  • The instrument was completely disassembled by a professional repairman, unfolded, unsoldered into individual parts, reconstructed and puted again together.
  • All rotary valves are in nice working condition.
  • All slides and also main tuning slide are free and can be easily pulled out (get out). The surface of slides was cleaned.
  • All stop corks are new and made from a synthetic rubber.

Cosmetical condition
  • The surface is newly nickel silver plated with 24K gold plated accents. Please look on photos carefully.
  • The bell is 95% original straight condition, but not 100%. It was repaired.
  • Cosmetic flaws: a) The leadpipe is new! You can see the solder and original surface on the bell under the leadpipe. This place is visible only from certain angles and is aroud 5 cm (1.96 in) in lenght. b) Faint lines in gold on rotary valves covers (backside of the instrument).

Technical specifications

Manufactured by:
AMATI (Czech Republic)
13,40 mm (0.528 in)
Bell diameter:
24 cm (9.45 in)
76 cm (29.9 in) in lenght
Nickel Silver Plated (2015), 24K Gold Accents (2015)
Not included.

+ Unusual luxury design
+ Great mechanical condition
+ New floating leadpipe