Rare pre-war TARV Trumpet in Bb - Mark Rewo - Silver plated & 24K Gold

Rare pre-war TARV Trumpet in Bb - Mark Rewo (or Reno) - Silver plated & 24K Gold Accents
This is a really unique trumpet made approximately during the interwar period. I have never seen the same piece. It has a specific T.A.R.V. design which combines rotary valve system with top action control. It is in Bb tuning.
The trumpet was rescued on a floor attic in Czech Republic. There was stored for decades and unused maybe the last 50 years. It was in deplorable (poor) condition and I felt sorry for this extremly rare piece. For that reason I decied to complete restoration. You can now see the result of this long and demanding process.
I hope, the trumpet will find a new owner, maybe a collector who breathes life into.

Mechanical condition
  • The trumpet is now in excellent condition. The leadpipe is new, the bell is straighten, large dents are reapaired and rotary valves are fixed.
  • The instrument was completely disassembled by a professional repairman, unfolded, unsoldered into individual parts, reconstructed and puted again together.
  • All top action rotary valves are in working condition.
  • All slides and also main tuning slide are free and can be easily pulled out (get out). The surface of slides was cleaned.
  • All stop corks are new and made from a synthetic rubber.

Cosmetical condition
  • I tried to give this trumpet a look that originally could have. Most of dents are repaired, but on the body still exist some tiny dents or scratches.
  • The surface is newly silver plated with 24K gold plated accents. Please look on photos carefully.
  • The bell is 98% original straight condition, but not 100%. It was repaired.
  • Please note, this instrument was completely repaired.

Playability and tone quality
It is very old instrument, but it plays nicely. The brass has "ring tone" and It is made by decent and hi-quality material.

Technical specifications

Manufactured by:
Rewo / Reno (apparently made in Europe)
.462 in / 11,73 mm
Bell diameter:
4.73 in / 12 cm
18.50 in / 47 cm (lenght)
Silver Plated (2016), 24K Gold Accents
Yes, but very old and on the border of lifetime.

+ It has history, historical value and soul
+ It is in playaing condition
+ Nice piece for collector
+ Extremly rare and rising value
+ Refubrished