Rotary Valve Tuba in Bb by Josef Lidl - 4V - LBB 701

This rotary valve tuba in Bb was made once upon the time (80s) by czech musical instrument factory V.F. Cerveny. The factory was founded in 1842 and has a strong tradition. Mr. Cerveny was an ingenious Czech wind instrument designer, in a field comparable with Adolph Sax. It was Cerveny who originally designed the system of Rotary valves for the brass instruments in 1846. The Cerveny rotary valve instruments are top of the rank compared to any other instruments. Presently, the distribution of musical instruments are in 57 countries around the world. Cerveny instruments are very well accepted for quality, good intonation and perfect workmanship. Musical instruments are still made in Czech Republic without abroud low quality meddling.


Mechanical condition
  • It is found to be working & playing well.
  • The instrument was inspected and reconditioned by a professional repairman at the beginning of year 2016. The tuba was completely disassembled, cleaned, some parts were replaced and some parts were refubrished.
  • Slides Nr. 1,3,4 and main tuning slide are free and can get easily out. Unfortunately, the slide Nr. 2 is stuck.
  • All rotary valves moves well, but due to age of the instrument you can expect a little bit noisier run.
  • New valve rubber stops (bumpers).
  • One flaw:
The second slide is stuck and can not be pulled out. But the second valve tunes good without extending the slide.
Cosmetic condition
  • This tuba has some cosmetic imperfections. Cosmetic state of this instrument is not perfect:

    a) traces of tin on some places (previous owner)
    b) rusty dots or places
    c) patches on two tubes
  • All these surface flaws does not affect the playability of tuba, but If you want a perfect flawless instrument - do not buy. :)
  • The raw brass surface is almost free of significant dents / scratches and is fairly shiny. The surface looks nice.
  • For me informations, please look at photos or contact me.

Playability and tone quality
This instrument is in a fully playable condition. Compared to its size, you will be suprised by a big sound. Thanks easy to use and lightness of tuba (ca. 7 kg) is this tuba suitable for students, marching, playing in standing position, or can be used as a second instrument for traveling.

Technical specifications

Manufactured by:
Josef Lidl (Czech Republic, Europe)
LBB 701 (an older version with "S" type mechanics)
ca. 18,3 mm (0.72 in)
Bell diameter:
39 cm (15.35 in)
86 x 50 x 50 cm (33.86 x 19.69 x 19.69 in)
Raw Brass (without lacquer)
Tuba shank.
Not included.

+ Lightweight and compact design
+ A nice and full tone
+ Price