Kaiserbaritone / Euphonium by Amati - Nickel Silver Plating with 24K Gold Trim Kit

I sell this nice-looking unconventionally designed oval Euphonium / Baritone horn made in famous traditional Czech factory Amati Kraslice. The factory has a long history, since 1840. Also thanks to significant German influence nowadays continues to producing high quality musical instruments. They are still manufacturing in Central Europe, in Czech Republic, in cities Graslitz (Kraslice) and Königgratz (Hradec Kralove). 

Mechanical condition
Valve caps can be unscrewed and there is nothing stuck.  All four slides and also main tuning slide are free and can be easily pulled out.
Rotary valves are working, but they are somewhat noisier and probably require adjustment or correction. They are returning back to position and are usable, but they make a noise.
On the main tuning slide is a water key. I add there a new cork and a new bail spring. I also changed all 8 stop-corks on valve blocks.
The instrument was completely disassembled by a professional repairman, cleaned inside with acid solution and mechanically purged.
The instrument is in playable condition.

Cosmetical condition
This Euphonium has a nice shiny nickel silver plating accompanied by 24K gold slides, main tuning slide and parts of rotary valve mechanism. Finger buttons (paddles) are silver plated.
The surface of this musical instruments is almost free of big dents or sratches. There is a tiny dent on the lead pipe, two dents on the body and a shabby place in the upper part of the bell. On valve caps you can see some discolorations. Please carefully look at photos
It was used. You can expect a state of normal wear and tear.

Sound and tuning
The sound of this horn is very dark and full. It has a traditional european conical design. The sound is dark or darker as sound of british Euphonium. It has nothing common with british Baritone horn which is more cylindrical instrument. The bore of this instrument is very wide (15,3 mm) and it produces large loud sound. We call it here "Kaiserbaritone". It is bigger in size as normal models and also stronger in sound!
It reponds easier in comparison with piston instruments.

Technical specifications

Manufactured by:
Amati (Czech Republic, Central Europe)
.602 in / 15,30 mm
Bell diameter:
10.24 in / 26 cm
32.67 in / 83 cm
Nickel Silver Body + 24K Gold trim kit
No. I am sorry, I have not got a case for this instrument.