Baritone Horn (lacquer) by Andreas Eastman EBH311

Andreas Eastman company produces since 1992 musical instruments with good reputation and quality of craftsmanship. Each of these instruments have been well researched, involving the leading players and makers expertise to bring to you the finest instruments possible.

This Baritone Horn has been used very seldom. I bought it for me as a second optional instrument (I am primary Euphonium player). It is in a good mechanical condition. The valves working like a butter.  I also recently changed the springs. They are running smoothly. The leadpipe is made by rose brass which guarantees no risk of red dots. The spring of water key is solid and reliable. Cosmetically is this horn also in great condition. The surface is completely free of dents! The only thing you see when you look closely is shabby lacquer on the first slide and tuning slide. Everywhere else is the state of the lacquer OK.

The horn appears to be well made. Dimensionally, it is a clone of the Yamaha YBH 301. The horn is surprisingly free-blowing, especially given the small bore (.504), compared to the 621s. Steve Shires mentioned in his blog that he is involved in the design, construction, and QC of Eastman's entire low brass range, and during the run-up to the Bejing Olympics - for which Eastman was the exclusive supplier of brass instruments -specifically highlighted the Eastman baritones and tubas as instruments tweaked by Shires.

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  • Manufactured by: Andreas Eastman (design involved by Steven Shires)
  • Tuning: Bb
  • Bore: .504”
  • Bell diameter: 8 3/8” yellow brass upright bell
  • Finish: Lacquer finish
  • Receiver: Small shank
  • Size: 23.8 in
  • Case: Yes, it is included in this listing. Is in a good condition.

  • Great option in this price range
  • Good condition, just take it out of the package and play